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Bad Bank, Bad Luck?

Microdata on 40 million firm-lender relationships

The Bad Bank, Bad Luck? (BBBL) project is an academic research project headed by Yannick Schindler and Peter Lambert at the London School of Economics. We deploy Big Data and Large Language Model (LLM) tools to digitise and standardize over 40 million archival documents containing detailed information on lending relationships between small-to-midsize firms and their creditors in the United States. By making this dataset available as an open-access resource via this webpage, the BBBL project hopes to support and enhance academic and policy research into topics on credit and banking.

If referring to any information on this webpage, please cite the following paper:

"Bad Bank, Bad Luck? Evidence from 10 Million Firm-Bank Relationships" (forthcoming) by Peter Lambert and Yannick Schindler

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